The Stella Forever Fund has secured the future of the prize money for the Stella Prize, raising $3 million over a six year period.

The Stella Forever Fund is an initiative to secure the future of the prize money for the Stella Prize. The fund raised $3 million over a 6 year period to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the prize.

Stella launched the Fund in 2016 with the support of visionary patrons, Paula McLean and Ellen Koshland. In 2021, Stella was honoured with an extraordinary further gift of $1 million from Paula McLean, in one of the largest donations to Australian literature to date.

Thanks to the collective generosity of our wide community of donors, Stella reached its endowment target in April 2022 to coincide with the milestone of the tenth annual Stella Prize. The Board and staff of Stella thank everyone who gave to the Stella Forever Fund. Your gift – no matter how big or small – has ensured the Stella Prize money is secured for generations of writers and readers to come.

Stella Forever Fund supporters

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust

McLean Foundation, Paula McLean

Anonymous x 1

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty

Beverly Shelton Estate

Ellen Koshland, Koshland Innovation Fund

Rosie Williams

Trawalla Foundation, Carol Schwartz

Berry Liberman

Jillian Broadbent AC

Justine and Damian Roche

David Dyer and Keren Murray

Margie Seale

Serps Hills Foundation

Sue Abrahams

Wilson Foundation

Anonymous x 2

Anita Apsitis and Graham Anderson

Christine Christian AO

Claire Wivell Plater and James Kirby

Danny Bessell

Diane Balnaves

Este Darin-Cooper

Fran Lefroy

Eve Mahlab

Joanna Baevski

Johanna Featherstone

Julie Ireland

Keren Murray and David Dyer

Michelle Gordon

Rob McLean AM

Sandy Libling

Seri Renkin OAM and Danny Bessell

Sherry and the late Tom Gregory

Bobbi Mahlab AM

Caroline Beecham and John Lydon

Caroline Ryan

Catherine Livingstone AO

Elizabeth Shaw and Shane Murphy

Jane Bridge

Janet Whiting AM

Juliet Lockhart

Seri Renkin OAM and Danny Bessell

Lenore Robertson

Lynne Jensen

Michaela Healey


Sharon Green

Zoe Davis

Anonymous x 5

Abbey Burns
Adam Keyes-Tilley
Alexandra Grimwade
Alison Barry
Aliza Knox
Amanda Miller
Amanda Thornton
Andrea Cosentino
Andy Griffiths
Angela Scarra
Anna Mezger
Anne Edwards
Anne Elvey
Antony Ede
Athalie Williams, Tim Danielson
Ava Stephens
Carey Lonsdale
Caroline Chernov
Carolyn Clark
Carson Family
Catherine Milne
Catherine Richardson
Cathy Brigden
Chips Mackinolty
Christine Ingleton
Corinne Woodward
Cosette Paneque
Cynthia Nadai
David Slater
Deborah Fullwood
Debra Huntley
Dianne Cuka
Donica Bettanin
Duncan Baillie
Elizabeth Hegerty
Enza Gandolfo
Erica Beaton
Fiona McLeay
Fran Bryson
Francesca Rendle-Short
Georgia Lynas
Georgina Moodie
Giancarlo Ferraro
Gillian May
Heather Motteram
Helen Tobias
Ilana Atlas
Janice Hirshorn
Janice Stuckey
Jeanie Faure
Joanna Renkin
John Boulton
Julianne Schultz
Julie Day
Julie Reilly
Kathryn Favelle
Katia Nizic
Katy Phillips
Kaye Baudinette
Lillian Kline
Lois Booton
lorre zuckerman
Louise Harding
Louise Jones
Maddi Newling
Marie-Louise Ayres
Marion Slawson
Marjorie Brown
Mark Rubbo
Mary Rose
Meg Mckinlay
Melissa Smith
Merran Dawson
Michelle Garnaut AO
Milena Gates
Mim Bartlett
Morgan Harrington
Nancy Fox AM
Nichola Lefroy
Nicola Milne
Nicole Abadee
Nicole Freeman
Pamela Johnstone
Paula Cameron
Penelope Ward-Ambler
Penny Smith
Philippa Batten
Robyn Nagel
Ron Savage
Ros Bradley
S Reeves
Sally Holdsworth
Sandra Kanck
Sandra McCullagh
Sarah Morgan
Sherry MacKay
Sophie Cunningham
Sophy Williams
Sue Boxer
Sue Dahn
Sue Dalzell
Sue Mathews
Sue Murray
Sue Warburton, John Warburton
Susy Bogle
Tanya Licina
Tina Dunemann
Verity Hawkins
Wendy Bonnici
Wendy Handley

Stella Donors

Stella is grateful to the passionate community of supporters who make our work possible.

Ellen Koshland

James and Claire Kirby Family Fund
Hansen Little Foundation
Key Foundation
McLean Foundation
Mietta Foundation
Robertson Foundation
Wilson Foundation

Anonymous x 4

Anita and Graham Anderson

Anonymous x 1

Fiona Sweet

Janet Whiting AM

Keren Murray and David Dyer

Paul McLean

Anonymous x 1

Caroline Beecham

Jane Bridge

Joan Spiller

Phlyssa Koshland

Paula Nicholson

Rebecca Lim

Suzi Carp

Anonymous x 1

Alice Hill

Anita Jacoby AM

Aveen Stephenson

Belinda Bardas

Caroline Ryan

Christine Christian AO

Elizabeth Lewis Gray

Elizabeth Shaw

Elly Gay

Fiona Sweet

Jane Kunstler

Julia Champtaloup and Andrew Rothery

Kate Towey

Katherine Brazenor

Louise Jones

Mim Bartlett

Nancy Fox AM

Nicole Freeman

Robin Low

Sue Terry

Anonymous x 1

Joanna Bird

Abbey Burns

Catherine Savage

Eve Mahlab

Mary Kosiak

Fiona McGauchie

Fiona McLeay

Jenni Klempfner

Joan Spiller

Joanna Renkin

Judith Fox

Karen Fehring

Katrina Holmes a Court

Kerstin Thompson

Le Trinh

Margaret McVey

Melissa Cooney

Mickie Tanna

Nancy Milne

Nicole Abadee

Robin Low

Sophie Graham Gee

Sophy Williams

Anonymous x 2

Adriane Howell

Alane Fineman

Alice McCormick

Alison Booth

Andy Griffiths

Ann Thompson

Annie Condon

Belinda Slater

Catherine Pearce

Catherine Richardson

Cecilia Rice

Chips Mackinolty

Elizabeth Hollingworth

Elizabeth Lhuede

Emily Readhead

Emma Batchelor

Esther Kisler

Frances Letters

Freda Erlich

Helen Chick

Henny Smith

Jamie Irewan

Janet Savage

Jenny Fagg

Jessica Evans

Joanna Renkin

Jodie Martire

Joey Borensztajn

Karletta Abianac

Katie Purvis

Kira Nelson

Leanne Nickles

Louise Bell

Lynne Jensen

Michelle Cheng

Marsha Tauber

Mary Kosiak

Michelle Law

Michael Livingston

Michael Ziegelaar

Michelle Opie

Milena Gates

Natalie and Indigo Devlin

Peta Campbell

Renu Binaykia

Robyn Tennant

Romy Moshinsky

Sally Loane

Samantha Blake

Sarah Bass

Sarah Masters

Shane Murphy

Siba Diqer

Stefanie and Martin Kamener

Stephanie Powell

Susan Gallacher

Susan McCreery

Tony Hughes-D’Aeth

Tuanh Nguyen

Verity Hawkins

Victoria Weekes

Vivienne Skinner

Vivienne Ulman

Zelda Rosenbaum

Victoria Weeks

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As a not-for-profit organisation with ambitious goals, Stella relies on the generous support of donors to help fund our work.

Every donation is important to us and allows Stella to continue its role as the leading voice for gender equality and cultural change in Australian literature.

Stella is a not-for-profit organisation with DGR status. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.