2024 Stella Prize Alexis Wright

Entries to the 2025 Stella Prize are now open

The winner of the Stella Prize will be awarded $60,000. Shortlisted authors will each receive $4,000 and longlisted authors will each receive $1,000. 

Entry periods

All entries

Entries are accepted from 9am (AEST) Monday 22 July until 5pm (AEST) Sunday 6 October 2024.

A discounted early-bird entry fee of $73 (GST inclusive) applies from 9am (AEST) Monday 22 July 2024 to 9am (AEST) Monday 26 August 2024. General entries open on Monday 26 August 2024 at 10am. The entry fee for general entries is $94 (GST inclusive).

Entries of books published between October and December 2024

Stella accepts books published between 01 January 2024 until 31 December 2024, however entries must be submitted before the close of general entries on Sunday 6 October 2024.


Please upload a media release about the book with your entry if the final digital file is not available yet. Final electronic files must be received before 30 November 2024.

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  1. The Stella Prize (“the Prize”) is the flagship program of the Stella Prize Incorporated (“Stella”). The Prize is a major literary award that celebrates and promotes the work of Australian women and non-binary authors.
  2. Entry is open to women and non-binary writers who identify with the Prize’s purpose to promote Australian women’s writing, in ways that align with the writer’s own gender identity. This includes cis women, trans women and non-binary people. We do not require any validation regarding an author’s gender beyond their self-identification.
  3. Authors must be living Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia at the time of entry. Entries from Australian citizens living outside Australia will be accepted.
  4. Books must have been first professionally published in English anywhere in the world between 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2024 (see Condition 8). Publication in another language prior to this period will not affect eligibility for entry to the Prize.
  5. Books eligible for the Prize are:
    • novels of all genres
    • memoirs
    • biographies
    • histories
    • single-author short story collections
    • single-author poetry collections of at least 40 pages
    • verse novels
    • novellas of at least 20,000 words
    • illustrated books, including graphic novels, provided they are accompanied by a substantial quantity of text.
  6. Books not eligible for the Prize are:
    • academic textbooks
    • guidebooks
    • self-help books
    • anthologies
    • play or film scripts
    • books written primarily for children under 12
    • books consisting of illustrations or photographs with an insubstantial quantity of text
    • adaptations, unless they represent a significant and creative transformation of the original text
    • self-published books
    • books published only in eBook or audiobook form
    • books written by current Board members or employees of The Stella Prize Inc.
  7. Co-authored books are eligible, but edited collections are not. Books cannot be entered in the name of an editor or a committee. If graphic novels are authored and illustrated by more than one creator, all creators will be considered to be authors. All authors must meet Eligibility Clauses 1 and 2. Prize money will be shared equally between co-authors, unless all authors agree otherwise in writing.
  8. Books must be written in English. Bilingual editions, where one of the languages is English, are eligible, as are books first published in another language and then translated into English, and first published in English during the eligibility period.
  9. To be considered professionally published, books must be published by publishing houses with a professional editorial process, independent of the author/s. Authors must not pay for the publishing house’s editorial, marketing, or publicity services. Books must have an ISBN and be available to purchase in Australia.
  10. Books are not eligible if a significant proportion has been previously published in book form. Material that has previously been part published only in anthologies or literary journals is deemed to be new. Publishers are responsible for identifying all previously published material at the time of entry.
  11. If there is any dispute as to eligibility, the decision of Stella Prize Inc. will be final.

Submission requirements

  1. Only publishing houses and literary agents (entrants) may submit entries. Only one book may be included in each entry.
  2. Entries to the Stella Prize are accepted as digital files only. However, Stella will accept hardcopies of entries that we agree are better read in this format, due to layout or structure. Please email info@stella.org.au to seek our agreement. Entries should be submitted via the online form, with books uploaded as a valid ePub file (preferred) or PDF (where an ePub is unavailable or unsuitable).

    Entrants are responsible for ensuring that book files are properly formatted and rendered correctly across platforms. Please do not use a proprietary DRM solution or watermark across text as it may adversely affect the reading experience.

    Upon entry, files will be moved to a restricted folder accessible only to the Judging Panel and Stella staff. Files will not be shared with any outside parties.

    Entrants are responsible for ensuring that hardcopies are not dispatched unless requested by Stella. Stella is not responsible for the return of books shipped to any premises.

  3. Authors’ consent to enter the book must be obtained before submission of the entry. The author’s personal contact details must be included in the entry.
  4. All entries are strictly confidential. The fact of entry may not be used to publicise an author in the future unless the author has been included in the longlist or shortlist or chosen as the winner.
  5. Incomplete entries or entries that do not meet the submission deadlines will be deemed ineligible.
    Upon submission, entrants will be automatically notified that the entry has been received. Stella will individually notify entrants of longlisted entries. You will not be notified if your entry has not been longlisted.


  1. Stella appoints a Judging Panel of five professionals from the literary community. They are selected for their varied experience as writers, readers, critics, booksellers, editors, and/or literary programmers.
  2. The Judging Panel is responsible for selecting a longlist of not more than twelve books, a shortlist of not more than six books, and the winner of the Stella Prize.
  3. The Judging Panel will select the book they believe to be the most original, excellent, and engaging as the winner.
  4. The Judging Panel will make their selections based on literary merit without personal prejudice or preference. Stella implements a comprehensive conflict of interest policy and identifies, assesses, and manages potential conflicts in relation to entries each year to protect the integrity and reputation of Stella, its appointed Judges, staff and Board members.
  5. The Judging Panel may, at their discretion, call in additional books that entrants have not submitted. Any book that is called in must meet the Eligibility and Entry Conditions.
  6. The Judging Panel will not discuss or divulge submitted books publicly or with anyone other than other members of the Panel and Stella staff.

Conditions of Entry

  1. Stella welcomes all entries submitted in good faith. Stella reserves the right to refuse entries submitted with malice or with the intent to mislead or deceive others, or which otherwise may harm Stella’s reputation. All decisions of Stella and the Judging Panel are final.
  2. Entry into the Prize confirms that, if they are longlisted, shortlisted or selected as the Prize winner, the author agrees to:
    a) accept the source of the funds awarded to them (The entrant and author are responsible for familiarising themselves with Stella’s Funding Sources, Sponsorship, and Partnerships)
    b) permit Stella to publish their name, image and biographical information on its website and all forms of media, and
    c) make themselves available to promote the Prize and their book and to attend the Prize award ceremony if feasible.
  3. Entry into the Prize confirms that, if they are shortlisted or selected as the Prize winner, the author agrees to:
    a) attend the Prize award ceremony if feasible
    b) attend and participate in a number of public and media events including interviews, readings and appearances (both in-person and remotely) at the time of, and in the months following the Prize shortlist and winner announcements if feasible, and
    c) sign books and/or bookplates provided by the Prize.
  4. Stella will ensure that authors will not be out of pocket for travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred in promoting the Prize. Publishers are expected to reasonably contribute towards these expenses.
  5. Publishers are also expected to:
    a) supply 40 print copies of books longlisted for the Prize for promotional and administrative purposes
    b) supply an additional 30 copies of books shortlisted for the Prize
    c) supply a further 20 copies of the winning book for signing by the author and provision to key Stella stakeholders
    d) supply further copies of shortlisted and longlisted books at discounted rates, and
    e) contribute the following amount towards the cost of marketing the shortlist:
    i. Publishers employing 1-5 staff $ 750
    ii. Publishers employing 6-20 Staff $1,000
    iii. Publishers employing >20 staff $2,000
  6. Publishers of longlisted, shortlisted and winning books agree to:
    a) ensure that copies of their titles are available in bookshops and libraries at the time of the relevant announcement
    b) sticker the books (including reprints) with prize insignia supplied by Stella, and
    c) provide permission for excerpts of the books to be used in materials for the Prize announcement, promotional events and media.
  7. Stella is committed to ensuring access to entrants of all sizes. Please contact us at info@stella.org.au if any of the conditions in clauses 25-28 are likely to prevent a book being submitted for the Prize.

The Stella Prize Inc. reserves the right to review and change the Entry Periods, and the Eligibility and Entry Conditions as necessary.

We may have answered your questions about entry to the Stella Prize here.

If we haven’t, please get in touch with us at info@stella.org.au.

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