Shortlisted for the 2016 Stella Prize

The World Without Us

Fiction · Bloomsbury

The world without us

About the book

“Mireille Juchau uses anxieties about the fragility of the natural systems that sustain our lives as a referent for her story of love and loss.

– 2016 Stella Prize Judges


About the author

Mireille Juchau

Further Reading

“I want to [stress] Juchau’s achievement: the poise, wit, sensitivity and also the complexity of her writing. The World Without Us is an impressive, memorable novel, the work of a writer in command of her craft.” Andrew Riemer, Sydney Morning Herald

“It is an emotionally charged and psychologically acute portrait of individuals who have suffered, one that never stoops to patronise the eccentricities of their community in which they are embedded. Her prose, too, is a marvel of balance: witty and sensual, self-aware but not jaded, and capable of making poetry from anything…” Geordie Williamson, The Australian

“From the opening pages of Mireille Juchau’s new novel, The World Without Us, we know we are in the hands of a poetic writer in control of language and ready to invest every sentence with resonant detail.” Susan Lever, Australian Book Review


The Booktopia Book Guru, Andrew Cattanach, interviews Mireille Juchau

Mireille Juchau speaks to the Sydney Morning Herald about why climate change matters

Mireille Juchau’s Selected Writing

Judges’ report

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