Interview: Tanya Hosch – Stella Ambassador

Stella welcomes Tanya Hosch, Executive Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy at the Australian Football League, as an Ambassador. We asked Hosch a few questions about Stella and the intersection between arts and sports.

Tanya Hosch

How did you first encounter the work of Stella?

I read about the winner of the Prize one year and loved the values and purpose of the Stella Prize so followed the work ever since

What do you see as Stella’s role in the Australian cultural sector?

The specific focus, recognition of women and non-binary writers is important and highly relevant. Bringing attention to this is critical to the lack of historical balance that has made it difficult for some voices to be heard. Additionally, Stella is engaging the intersectionality that exists which is also critical and still requires energy and dedication to enable.

There seems to be an overlap between art and sport. How can we bring art and sport together to extend audiences for both and lead to better outcomes in terms of mental health, promotion and community?

Sport is a social activity and brings clear benefits to wellness and community cohesion. The arts are also a community and I have long wanted to see a greater collaboration between the arts and sports because art also improves and inspires individuals and communities. There is huge potential in this area, but I don’t know the answer to this question. I do know there is exploration around this concept so watch this space.

“Sport is rich with stories, traditions, cultures and inspiration and in this domain, the lens, perspectives and expertise of non-binary and women writers is critical, exciting and relevant.”

Would you agree that the emergence of strong female sport writers like Nicole Hayes and Ellen van Neerven play a role in football becoming more inclusive?

The more of this the better. The intersectionality is important in these contributions – sport is rich with stories, traditions, cultures and inspiration and in this domain, the lens, perspectives and expertise of non-binary and women writers is critical, exciting and relevant.

What advice would you give to emerging professionals?

When I reflect on my life, I really wish I read more. I still wish I read more. I admire writers so much – there is great depth and richness in writing. 

What roles have books played in your life?

I was lucky to grow up with a mother who read to me and not just until I could read myself. It triggered my imagination and the idea of the world as a bigger place I had experienced. It taught me about ideas, laughter, love and life and helped me know my beautiful mum beyond her being my mum. I cherish the memories of her holding me while she read.

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