Shortlisted for the 2017 Stella Prize

Between a Wolf and a Dog – Georgia Blain

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Between a wolf and a dog

About the book

“Between a Wolf and a Dog is Georgia Blain’s final novel, and it is a triumph: finely structured, suspenseful and morally acute.

– 2017 Stella Prize Judges

Georgia Blain

About the author

Georgia Blain

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“Part of the reason Between a Wolf and a Dog succeeds so well is that everything in the novel is heartfelt without being in the least sentimental. Lack of sentimentality is a measure of how modern a writer Blain is, how she has honed “our” language to suit her purposes exactly.” Dorothy Johnston, Sydney Morning Herald

“Between a Wolf and Dog is an elegant novel, written in lucent and, at times, luminous prose. It is a work of delicately detailed emotion and beautiful balance, and it is so well paced that its narrative is utterly compelling. It is a remarkable portrayal of family relationships, and the complex and often competing desires and sensitivities that drive them, but it is mostly a book about love and forgiveness, and holding on to our good fortune and our loved ones, even and especially in the face of loss. It is heartfelt and resonant, and a remarkable novel that lingers long after its final page.” Fiona Wright, The Australian

“The prose throughout is lush and gorgeous; this is an elegant, intelligent and affecting novel from a writer at the height of her powers… This very good novel has become a staggeringly powerful declaration, an important story, and Blain has been generous to offer it to us.” LS, The Saturday Paper

“Blain has an affinity for domestic realism with a dark edge and an unstinting eye: she is fascinated by the faultlines in relationships and the turning points in individual lives that are more visible in retrospect than in the moment. She is also good at social context, weaving the details that reflect our times into the fabric of her characters and stories… Between a Wolf and a Dog is notable for its polish: structurally and stylistically this novel proceeds with quiet assurance.” Jo Case, Australian Book Review


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