Longlisted for the 2015 Stella Prize

Only the Animals – Ceridwen Dovey

Fiction · Penguin Books

Only the animals

About the book

“so artfully structured and layered a book, this collection of stories both gives out and calls up an intensity of feeling rarely encountered.

– 2015 Stella Prize Judges

Ceridwen Dovey

About the author

Ceridwen Dovey

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“[A]n ambitious book with a fable-like surface, and a whole churning world beneath.” – Romy Ash, The Guardian

“As a collection, Only the Animals works as a journey into empathy that, for all its ideas, never neglects the basics of fiction: showing readers in beautiful words compelling characters who do fascinating things.” – LS, The Saturday Paper

“[A] perfectly integrated work of art brilliantly disguised as a collection of short stories.” – Richard King, The Monthly

“The energy and disturbing creativity of Only the Animals comes from a grand ambition to do nothing less than to make animals speak out of and reflect the many histories – literary, biological, scientific and human – they have occupied.” – Delia Falconer, Sydney Review of Books


Judges’ report

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