There Was Still Love

There Was Still Love is a confident, sparkling novel that brings to life the story of a family regrouping after the impacts of the German occupation of Czechoslovakia with warmth and resonance.

The Yield

Winch teaches us about Language with a capital ‘L’ weaving the present urgency of belonging, land rights, mining and climate change, with the stark reminder of the invasion history of pain and loss. The reader experiences an intricate layering of time through narrative explored in Language. This is Language that drives culture, and energy, and brings people back from the brink. It is Language that heals.

The Weekend

The Weekend is domestic realism at its very best. Four women in the third act of their lives—post-kids or what-have-you, post-marriage, post-menopause and all its trimmings—and they aren’t going to change now.

Pink Mountain on Locust Island

Too Much Lip

The Death of Noah Glass

The Bridge


Little Gods

Man Out of Time

The Choke

The Choke is a compassionate work of fiction focusing on the plight of a disadvantaged child finding her way in the world despite poverty, absent parents and a dysfunctional family. Sofie Laguna writes evocatively of the Australian landscape, and paints an isolated, desperate world with much clarity and sensitivity.

An Uncertain Grace

An Uncertain Grace is a formally ingenious and often amusing novel that combines eroticism and science fiction with a playful spirit of intellectual inquisitiveness. Kneen’s writing, by turns playful and elegant, is never less than stimulating, in the literal and figurative senses of the word.